World Famous Libraries

Libraries can be defined as storehouses of resources and information. These are organized systematically and maintained by an institution, individual or a group for use by the public. Initially, they were known as archives since they similarly maintained records of books that are yet to be published.

World famous libraries
Our library here in Gainesville is just fine for normal purposes, but some of the libraries out there are truly spectacular things of beauty. Some of the libraries that have gained fame all over the globe are as follows:
Royal library of Alexandria
It is situated in Alexandria, a city in the country of Egypt. It is known for being the largest library and the most famous one in the whole of the ancient world. This ancient library is said to have burned approximately three times over the past centuries. A similar library to it was built in the city of Alexandria. It was dedicated in the month of October in the year 2002.

Boston public library
This is essentially a municipal library that is located Boston city, the State of Massachusetts. It was commissioned in the year 1895 and has the record of being the very first municipal library in the United States of America. It was also the first library in the United States to loan books together with other material to the general public. A general survey conducted revealed that the library has a huge collection of books that total 6.1 billion in number.

Bodleian library
This library is commonly used as a centre of research by the University of Oxford. The Bodleian library is also a copyright library, this means that it has a legal right to each and every book that is published in the United Kingdom (UK). This library was designed by the very talented architect known as Sir Giles Scott. Its construction was successfully completed in the year 1940.

Celsus library
This library gained fame all over the world for its aesthetically appealing structures in Ephesus. In real sense, it was a monumental tomb of the governor of the Province of Asia known as Gaius Julius Celsus Polemeanus. It has a statue of Athena who was the Goddess of wisdom at its entrance. It contains scrolls that exceed 12,000 in number. In terms of riches, it is considered as being the third in the ancient times.

The British library
It was set up in the year 1973 and makes the prestigious list of the world’s greatest libraries. It has PACCAR workshop of words and gallery of living. The images and sounds offer different programs and displays at the theme exhibitions. It also has an array of stamps of the globe that are displayed for visitors. It also offers music and discussion events.

The library of Congress
It is considered as being one of the oldest federal institutions in the whole of the United States. It is also famous for its research function. It is undoubtedly the largest library on earth having a total of 3 buildings and the largest total number of books. It was established back in the 1800s in Washington D.C (the capital of the United States). It is open to the public but is restricted to only officials that rank highly in government.

The above world famous libraries are balanced in terms of architectural designs and book collections.





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