Library Etiquette

The library is an important room as far as studies are concerned. As such, efforts should be made at whatever cost to ensure that it serves users as expected. If not well controlled, libraries can easily lose meaning and end up being useless to some users. Library Etiquette refers to the set of rules –express or implied, whose application lead to the smooth running of the library. People have different tastes and preferences; some understand better by discussion, while others require grave-silent conditions to understand the material they are reading. Most libraries are thus divided into two; discussing section and private study sections. To understand library etiquette, this article will discuss some of the things comprising it.

Distinguish silent study areas from group study areas

Every user of a library should be able to differentiate between places for quiet study and those of group studies. It is wrong discussing the silent study areas. It distracts the attention of other library users. People who go to silent study areas are those who want to study on their own without any discussion with other people. As such, they require a quiet environment to do their studies. On the other hand, it would be out of order, trying to quiet people in the areas designated for group studies.

Consciousness about music

Some people like listening to music even while studying, say background music. However, not everybody it is very unlikely that you will be alone in the library. As such, listening to music, however conducive it is to you, distracts other library users. Nevertheless, headphones are not always soundproof; you should ensure that you keep the volume low not affect the next person. In some libraries, there are direct chats to the librarian used to report or seek any assistance by the user. Why wait until the librarian comes to quite you? Avoid music in the library as much as possible.

Your cell phone

Phone rings is another issue that violates library etiquette. Whenever a phone rings, it diverts the attention of the other library users from their studies. It is not something people can just assume; as such you need to ensure that your phone is always in silent mode if not off. Moreover, answering calls in the library is not an ethical behavior. Some libraries set aside places where one can make or answer calls from without disruption other library users. If the library does not have such sections set aside, be kind enough to walk out silently and receive or make your call.

Eating in the library

Many libraries do not allow food into the library though some do. If the library does not allow food in the library, do not by any chance take food into the library, whichever type it could be. For those that allow food in the library, bring crunchy or overly smelly foods in the library significantly affects your neighbors who may not be eating at the same time as you. Try to bring only simple foods into the library if you must carry some.

As long as you not studying alone in the library, be cautious not to distract other library users. Otherwise, the utility of the library will ever be nullified.


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