Hidden Benefits of Libraries

Libraries have a lot of benefits. They will help you learn new skills in life which will help you in different ways. If you are a student, then college libraries may have served you a lot. It is a place where you will go and access different types of learning materials which you will use to accomplish different tasks in your life. There are digital libraries nowadays which you can access from any location. This has even improved learning. People are able to learn irrespective of the place where they are located.

Hidden benefits of libraries

Fosters student-centered learning

It is very easy for learners to learn without relying so much on tutors through use of libraries. The libraries are equipped with all books which learners will need at different stages of their learning. Student centered learning is very effective in many ways. Students take the task of learning seriously. Skills which students lean when on their own are easy to implement when compared to a case where they will be taught by tutors. It is also very easy for different students to learn at their own pace and comprehend more which is unlike when being guided in a group.

Improves awareness

The libraries help in improving awareness. There are many skills which have been documented in different libraries. It will be easy for people from different parts of the world to learn the skills. Awareness is very necessary for any economy to run well. People are able to access knowledge from different libraries of the world through use of digital libraries available. It will only require guidance from qualified tutors and students will learn a lot in their lives.

Makes it easy to complete research task

If you have research task which you will like to complete, you will find it very easy after you decide to go for library services. With digital libraries, you can just access the library online from where you will complete your research. This will even save you time which you will have wasted trying to complete a certain task which will have taken you a lot of time before you can accomplish it.

Development of research skills

You will develop your research skills if you will be exposed to learning resources. Libraries offer excellent opportunities for you to develop research skills. The skills are very helpful in your life. Through the skills you will be able to come up with informed decisions which will save you a lot of time and even money in your life. There are many resources which are available in libraries which you can use to improve your life in many ways.

Allows independent learning

Independent leaning will help you improve your life. Sometimes you may be too busy to an extent where it will be hard to attend a formal class. You will find it easy to learn on your own through the power of the libraries. There are many was you will save your money if you will like to learn through the help of the libraries. This will be possible because when learning on your own you will not have to pay fees. You will just spare time and access libraries. Some libraries are even free for you to learn which is unlike buying books.


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Library Etiquette

The library is an important room as far as studies are concerned. As such, efforts should be made at whatever cost to ensure that it serves users as expected. If not well controlled, libraries can easily lose meaning and end up being useless to some users. Library Etiquette refers to the set of rules –express or implied, whose application lead to the smooth running of the library. People have different tastes and preferences; some understand better by discussion, while others require grave-silent conditions to understand the material they are reading. Most libraries are thus divided into two; discussing section and private study sections. To understand library etiquette, this article will discuss some of the things comprising it.

Distinguish silent study areas from group study areas

Every user of a library should be able to differentiate between places for quiet study and those of group studies. It is wrong discussing the silent study areas. It distracts the attention of other library users. People who go to silent study areas are those who want to study on their own without any discussion with other people. As such, they require a quiet environment to do their studies. On the other hand, it would be out of order, trying to quiet people in the areas designated for group studies.

Consciousness about music

Some people like listening to music even while studying, say background music. However, not everybody it is very unlikely that you will be alone in the library. As such, listening to music, however conducive it is to you, distracts other library users. Nevertheless, headphones are not always soundproof; you should ensure that you keep the volume low not affect the next person. In some libraries, there are direct chats to the librarian used to report or seek any assistance by the user. Why wait until the librarian comes to quite you? Avoid music in the library as much as possible.

Your cell phone

Phone rings is another issue that violates library etiquette. Whenever a phone rings, it diverts the attention of the other library users from their studies. It is not something people can just assume; as such you need to ensure that your phone is always in silent mode if not off. Moreover, answering calls in the library is not an ethical behavior. Some libraries set aside places where one can make or answer calls from without disruption other library users. If the library does not have such sections set aside, be kind enough to walk out silently and receive or make your call.

Eating in the library

Many libraries do not allow food into the library though some do. If the library does not allow food in the library, do not by any chance take food into the library, whichever type it could be. For those that allow food in the library, bring crunchy or overly smelly foods in the library significantly affects your neighbors who may not be eating at the same time as you. Try to bring only simple foods into the library if you must carry some.

As long as you not studying alone in the library, be cautious not to distract other library users. Otherwise, the utility of the library will ever be nullified.


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Funny Stories About Being a Librarian

Over the years I have definitely created some interesting memories while working inside a library but I never imagined that I would have such funny experiences when I started my career. It was even more interesting when I found out that other librarians were having the same, if not more extreme, situations happening in their quiet environments. Here are a few of my favorite stories collected from a few of my close friends for your amusement.
My friend Rachel works as a librarian in a small town in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was enjoying her morning when she noticed an elderly man and his grandson coming into the entrance. They marched straight over the her at the help desk and asked about getting onto the research computers. She informed them that you would have to have a library card to have access to these computers. The little boy speaks up and says that he has his number memorized. Well, according to policy they have to have their physical card. The Grandpa throws a tirade and says, “Whatever idiot created that rule, should have been drafted in Vietnam”, and turns around and walks out. Her mouth hit the floor, and we’re reminded that people say the craziest things no matter how quiet their surroundings are.
Angela was talking to me one time about this woman that had come into her branch that was struggling with the copy machine. Upon approaching this elderly woman at the copier, Angela saw that she had a purse sitting in the photocopier. She informed the librarian that she was trying to copy the purse so that she could put it up on eBay. So, Angela asks the woman if she has a phone so that she can take a picture and then upload that picture onto eBay. After a few moments all of that is settled and she sees the woman pulling out money and trying to copy that. When asked what she was doing, she was trying to get money into PayPal in case she needed to have change for the purchaser. This is probably one of the funniest stories that I have heard, just because technology is everywhere doesn’t mean that people actually know how to utilize it.
Another funny story about being a librarian was given to me by my friend Thomas. When he was checking in books collected from the drop box he was approached by a man who looked very serious. This man asked what the penalty was for those that have lost books, because his eldest grandkid was telling the other two that librarians will rip their lips off if they don’t return their books. Thomas, ever on his feet, with a straight face told him that librarians would never cause bodily harm to their patrons and would only require a fee to replace the missing copies. It’s still funny how many people are scared to death of librarians.
These are only a few of the many experiences that my friends and I experience on a daily basis. The next time you go into a library look around you and see what exciting things are happening beneath the surface.


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World Famous Libraries

Libraries can be defined as storehouses of resources and information. These are organized systematically and maintained by an institution, individual or a group for use by the public. Initially, they were known as archives since they similarly maintained records of books that are yet to be published.

World famous libraries
Our library here in Gainesville is just fine for normal purposes, but some of the libraries out there are truly spectacular things of beauty. Some of the libraries that have gained fame all over the globe are as follows:
Royal library of Alexandria
It is situated in Alexandria, a city in the country of Egypt. It is known for being the largest library and the most famous one in the whole of the ancient world. This ancient library is said to have burned approximately three times over the past centuries. A similar library to it was built in the city of Alexandria. It was dedicated in the month of October in the year 2002.

Boston public library
This is essentially a municipal library that is located Boston city, the State of Massachusetts. It was commissioned in the year 1895 and has the record of being the very first municipal library in the United States of America. It was also the first library in the United States to loan books together with other material to the general public. A general survey conducted revealed that the library has a huge collection of books that total 6.1 billion in number.

Bodleian library
This library is commonly used as a centre of research by the University of Oxford. The Bodleian library is also a copyright library, this means that it has a legal right to each and every book that is published in the United Kingdom (UK). This library was designed by the very talented architect known as Sir Giles Scott. Its construction was successfully completed in the year 1940.

Celsus library
This library gained fame all over the world for its aesthetically appealing structures in Ephesus. In real sense, it was a monumental tomb of the governor of the Province of Asia known as Gaius Julius Celsus Polemeanus. It has a statue of Athena who was the Goddess of wisdom at its entrance. It contains scrolls that exceed 12,000 in number. In terms of riches, it is considered as being the third in the ancient times.

The British library
It was set up in the year 1973 and makes the prestigious list of the world’s greatest libraries. It has PACCAR workshop of words and gallery of living. The images and sounds offer different programs and displays at the theme exhibitions. It also has an array of stamps of the globe that are displayed for visitors. It also offers music and discussion events.

The library of Congress
It is considered as being one of the oldest federal institutions in the whole of the United States. It is also famous for its research function. It is undoubtedly the largest library on earth having a total of 3 buildings and the largest total number of books. It was established back in the 1800s in Washington D.C (the capital of the United States). It is open to the public but is restricted to only officials that rank highly in government.

The above world famous libraries are balanced in terms of architectural designs and book collections.





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10 Reasons To Use Library In Today’s World

There are open library clients of all levels: enthusiastic, incessant, sporadic, and missing. This article is for the individuals who neglect to utilize their neighborhood library framework or don’t have a library card. It is particularly for the people who have youngsters or who need to be or are ready to go.

Open libraries are a fortune trove of free, officially paid for, data and excitement administrations. Here are a few advantages that ideally will animate you to visit your open library to get a card on the off chance that you don’t have one and to recollect utilizing it. At a public library you can discover:

1. Information on most any subject. On the off chance that your library doesn’t have the book or material you require, you won’t have to worry about it can be brought from another library in the same framework, or it might partake in a more extensive loading structure.

2. Diversion as music CDs, tapes, and motion picture DVDs. Recorded books make travel fly by, particularly long driving outings.

3. Kids’ amusement and arrangement for school learning through customary story time sessions and other unique occasions accommodated young children. These are particularly important before and amid the preschool years.

4. Inspiring ,perusing and composing programs for youngsters and grown-ups. Book clubs/examination gatherings, challenges, and individual perusing challenges (amount and assortment) happen consistently.

5. Uncommon classes on a full exhibit of points for business learning or self-improvement in regions of exceptional premiums.

6. Asset curators who can seek out the solutions for your inquiries your very own counselors.

7. Getting spaces for begin together organizations or for any need to meet with others to study or share data.

8. Materials to support your profession or business information. Step by step instructions to books can spare absolute dollars over buying the counsel and extra time in not figuring something out the most difficult way possible all alone. A self-improvement guide helped me set up a case for little cases court. I felt totally sorted out and prepared to exhibit my case to the officer, and I won. The other party was ill-equipped and exceptionally feeble.

9. Presentations of work of art recorded pieces and different subjects of interest.

10. A setting where conduct and agreeable convention still rule. In our chaotic world, libraries are still places of quiet and rest. Curators offer to learn openly and merciful.
Include words like free, no-charge, or complimentary to each of these ten things, and you will rapidly perceive the amount of cash you can save money on an on-going premise by utilizing this administration you are qualified for use.

Libraries are blessings we give ourselves and our kids. Libraries are group resources that provide indefatigably for a little measure of assessment cash. Take steps to take your children and yourself substantially more regularly to your neighborhood library. On the off chance that you have never been, go this week. Begin and keep up a propensity that will add to your prosperity and sustain the establishment of the kids you adore.


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All About the Books!

We will kick off our library site with a hilariously well done parody video done by a school librarian. If you’ve ever worked in a school or have school aged kids, you know what a struggle it can be to get them to bring their books back on time! Check this out and have a nice laugh.